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We at Shri Ram Group of Industries provide site, factory overhauling, servicing and repairing for any rating, type and make of transformers upto 50 mVA 132 kV Class. We inspect the parts and accessories of transformers, monitor electrical characteristics such as Oil level, I.R Test etc. We submit the detailed report to the client. Based on the reports necessary servicing is carried out on the site. If site overhauling is not possible then the transformer is send to works for detailed repairs.

  • Services Offered


Temperature Rise / Heat Run Test.
Tan Delta & capacitance Test.
Tan delta & capacitance Test for windings.
Degree of Polymerization Test for winding lead insulation.
Furan Series test or PIBP (Paper insulation breakdown products) test.

We provide Services as below:

Rewinding, Refurbishment, Reassembly of core, Oil Filtration & Top-up, Conversion of voltage ratio, Conversion or change of tap changers from off circuit to onload, Reinsulating Winding

The transformers are repaired with the same QAP as of a new transformer. The repaired transformers are guaranteed for detailed workmanship and quality of raw material used.