For Us Quality is more than a buzzword... It’s a PRIORITY.
We at Shri Ram Group Of Industries follow stringent quality policies to ensure that each and every product which comes out from our works meets the highest quality standard that we have always been known for. The very essence of our management, manpower, machinery and manufacturing process is to deliver quality.

Leading companies under the Shri Ram Group Of Industries umbrella are "ISO 9001-2008" certified and our QMS (Quality Management System) follows stringent norms to ensure that quality is produced in processes, product and service.

The organization belief in continuous improvement is driven by its dedication to having an effective QMS. Furthermore, inputs from Quality Audit, Analysis of Data, Corrective & Preventive Actions, Management Reviews etc., continue to fuel the Company's efforts to refine the QMS.

Quality is in the genome of our company and each individual takes personal care to ensure highest quality of output. This is facilitated by:

  • Clearly defining the responsibilities and authorities
  • Properly identifying the critical Processes, the Process Owners and the Process Measures
  • Periodically analyzing critical data, information, and Process results
  • Planning effective Corrective and Preventive actions, in a structured manner.

The Quality Control process begins with the receipt of the requirements from Customers and ends with delivering the goods and services to them, exactly as per their requirements. This process covers all the conventional aspects in product realization such as:

  • Development & selection of reliable vendors
  • Ensuring timely availability of proper resources
  • Provision of effective training
  • Verification of material, processes, and sub-assemblies
  • Testing and inspection of the finished product

Our Quality Assurance plan (QAP) is a complex set of parameters which every employee has to strictly follow to ensure that each and every product is standard and better than that guaranteed on paper.