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Dry type transformers are those transformers that use air as cooling and dielectric medium instead of conventional technology of transformers which uses mineral oil as a cooling and dielectric medium.

Cast Resin Dry Type Distribution Transformer

The coils of Cast Resin Transformers are casted in epoxy under vacuum in a mould to form a void free rigid casting over the coil. These transformers are used in installation like steel and cement plants as well as crowded and urban areas, within the premises of a residential and commercial building.

We at Shri Ram Group Of Industries have a modernised Casting plant to manufacture Cast Resin transformers upto 3 mVA 33kV Class.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Salient Features
  • Standard Fittings
  • Optional Fittings

Technical Specifications

Rating Upto 3Mva
Duty Type Outdoor/Indoor, Ground Mounted Type& Pole Mounted Type
Voltage Class Upto 33Kv
No Of  Phases 3 phase
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Vector Group Dyn1 or Dyn5 or Drn11 or any specific
Class Of Insulation F , H Or C class as required
Temperature Rise 90.C to 115.C above ambient temperature of 50.C by resistance method or as per customer’s requirement
Tap Changer Off Circuit or On Load
Tapping Range +-2.5% X 2 for OCTC or +-2.5% X 2 & -2.5% X6 for OLTC as per customer requirement
Winding Material Aluminum Or Copper with multi paper NOMEX covering
Applicable Standards IS 11171,IEC 60726
EnclosurePainting Powder Coated with RAL 7032 Shade or as per customer requirement

Salient Features of SRI ® Make Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers

Pioneer and one of the biggest vendor in India.
Nomex© engineered Dry Type Transformer.
Premium Quality Epoxy resin used along with precision casting under controlled environment
Non Flammable, Fire Resistant, Maintenance Free, Repairable at site.
Ducts between coils and discs to maximize air flow and reduce hot spot temperature.
Custom made to meet each and every requirement of customers conforming to National & International Standards.
Designed by experienced expert engineers using most modern software.
Average Delivery Time: 30-45 Days.
Facility to make 100Nos Transformers per month.


H.V. Cable Box L.V Cable Box with Bus bar or Bus duct Off Circuit Tap Links
Under carriage with four bi-directional Rollers Earthing terminals Rating diagram plate
Lifting lugs for complete Transformer Enclosure with Louver panels Canopy
Base Channel-2 Nos. Separate Neutral bushing on LV side Paint: Powder Coated with RAL 7032 Shade

Optional Fittings

RTD with A/T contact Marshalling box with control wiring On Load Tap Changer with RTCC Panel with AVR
Forced cooling arrangement Neutral Current Transformer